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Cloud services

We provide fast and scalable infrastructure for any application, thanks to cloud services.

Since the very first web project we’ve done as TH-EY, we got in love with Amazon Web Services. We’ve been using many different providers, testing and comparing, but in most cases, we are staying with AWS. This is a fast, scalable and secured way of hosting apps.

If needed, we cooperate with cloud computing specialists, certified by Amazon and Microsoft, to optimize costs, make it scalable on demand and improve security to the maximum.

There always is a dilemma, where to deploy your application. Especially when you are planning rapid growth, looking for a solution, that will fulfil your expectations.

On the market, we have multiple approaches.
Well established companies or corporations, prefer to have servers physically in their office and store everything there.

Another approach is to find a hosting provider, where you buy server space, some database and domain, where you can store your application.

And there is a solution, which we prefer – to put your application into the cloud. In our opinion, this is the fastest, most scalable and most secured approach. It probably is not the cheapest way, but with good configuration still very affordable. 

We have access to hundreds of services in one place, and all of them can be hired to fulfil your needs.

Most of the services can be configured in a time-based availability, which means that you are paying only for the time, your app is up and running. Rest of the time it is waiting for your calls.

Our experience with clouds, allows us to build apps and integrations for our clients, which turn on only when it’s needed and it looks like they appreciate it:

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Amazon Web services – is our default choice for deploying the apps. We actively work with Elastic Beanstalk, EC2, S3, Lambda and much more. But also we have multiple components prepared and ready for being configured in your projects like Simple Email Service to send notifications or Rekognition to find objects on photos.

Google cloud platform – also a great provider of cloud services. At the moment they are providing a smaller number of services, but on the other hand, some of them are giving our clients better results, so it is also in our portfolio.

Microsoft Azure – the biggest competitor for AWS. Providing very similar services, in some cases can also be used to store the app.

Other services:

By the way, clouds are not the only services we are providing.

  1. We create hybrid mobile applications in Xamarin and React Native – it is a great fulfilment when we already have backend ready for your app.
  2. We do web applications available through your browser in any place with internet and from any device. 
  3. We do designs. Our designers can help you convert your idea into mockups before 1 line of code will be written, or when MVP is finished and you start to get traction.