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Challenger – 3799 GBP

Jokes aside, you are thinking seriously about your business, which is great.

In Addition to everything you will read below, you will receive 14 days of full-time software development dedicated to you. We will analyze your requirements and customize your application for your needs from day 1.

It will contain both front end and back end development – you are just carrying about requirements and features needed. We will take care of assigning tasks to the best developers in their fields. We will prepare a team for you, to provide the best results in the shortest possible period of time.

Let’s have a look at the functionalities pack we offer in this package.

At first, we will help you buy and connect the new domain for your business (no problem if you already have one). We can take care of your domain and make it safe (with a Free SSL key), what will add https and green lock in the browsers, to improve the credibility of your application.

At the same time, our designer steps in. He will work with you to prepare awesome wireframes both for the application we will be building and 1-page landing.

At the beginning you will receive 3 panels:

1. Landing page, which will be a starting point for your future customers. 

When designs will be ready, we will code your landing page. In this package, we are building a 1-page landing, where we can put all the marketing information needed to show your website. We can add one extra template, for your privacy policy, help etc.

This way we will be able to quickly take care of SEO and design, much faster than in other technologies. To achieve the best looking website, we will create a web page template from scratch, based on designs created in the previous step or provided by you.

2. Admin and User panel, this will be the main part of your application.

With one sign-in page, you will be able to login both as an Administrator or User / Employee / Client – you name it. To both panels we will create two ways of logging in:

  • with a standard login/email + password form
  • 1 of popular authentication options: Facebook, Linkedin, Google account

in a fully secured way.

Additionally, we will add a forgot password function, so you don’t have to reset it manually for each user.

Admin panel:

You will be able to manage Users, which means: you will see all the users in a list and will be able to create, edit or delete any of them.

Another feature is full management of max 5 Objects which you would like to start with. So, for example, we are able to create full CRM for a company, which will operate on Lead, Deal, Client, Account, etc. Admin can create, edit and delete all of them. Additional logic is up to you.

User panel:

As a user you will also be able to log into the application. Users can see a separate menu and options if you wish to.

Users will be able to operate on Objects described above. It can be a limited number of operations or full access depending on your needs.

So you can imagine that you are building a CRM, where users are your employees. They can operate on all the objects except financial reports and they can’t remove customers from the system.

These are the 3 main components of the application. But of course it’s not all. Let’s talk about additional features, which you will get.

  • By default all our applications are responsive – th-ey look good on every mobile device.
  • We will take care of hosting during the development process and for 1 month after sign off. You will be able to test your app as we described in and accept everything, without caring about where to put your code. 
  • After this period, we will migrate your application to any destination.

Hope this offer sounds interesting for you. But of course it’s not all we can give.

  • We will take care of your Landing page SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You will get 1 hour of consultation with an SEO specialist, who will do the due diligence of the landing page and will advise how to improve your Google ranking. 
  • We will create technical documentation for the API (available backend actions description)
  • Additionally, you can choose 2 out of our components listed here and we can integrate them into your application. You will find there most common features, needed by any web application.

Hope this offer sounds good for you. We are very flexible about everything described above, so feel free to contact us if you need changes or don’t understand any of the points.

Only because we are good in our process and have a lot of experience in creating this type of apps, we could go so low with the price. 

Also let’s make it clear that we are not preparing a template for you. It will be fully customized to you and your business.

This is a great start for a business, to build a fully working useful web application at a fair price.

After the application is finished, we are open to continue cooperation, build additional features and improve the project to help you achieve greatness, with our software development.

Other option

Every customer is different and so are the apps we make. Please contact us to learn more about our bespoke services and get an estimation of your project.

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