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We specialize in bespoke software development.

Although we’ve built multiple apps both web and mobile, which leads us to the place, where we can put a price on some of the common components and integrate them to any app we will be building for you.

Hope this will help to estimate your project, but don’t hesitate to contact us for further details.

Given prices are net in GBP

ComponentDescriptionPrice WebPrice Mobile
Sign up / Sign in – login / passStandard username and password form in the app
Everything secured with a JWT token
Forgot passwordPassword reset link, sent through email, allows users to change their passwords100100
Facebook SignInAbility to login with Facebook account100100
Google SignInAbility to login with Google account100100
Data encryptionSensitive data encryption in the database. This operation is adding extra layer of security to your data.300300
Facebook Api integrationReading data from user account signed in with Facebook250250
Geo localizationIntegration with Google Map. You are allowed to search by region, use queries or check distance between points250250
SMS notificationsSend SMS notification to your user on any action200200
Email notificationsSend email notification to your user on any action170170
Static content operationsAbility to edit static pages, like privacy policy, about us etc.150
PDF generationGenerate PDF files, based on your requirements and data200200
Project setupRequired to integrate any of the components100100
Comming soon
Apple SignIn
Push notifications
FB type notifications
Mobile verification
Export to CSV
Admin panel

Integration of any component requires a project setup, which cost 100 GBP (does not apply when buying a bigger package or custom development)