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Applications design

We will design your application in a user-friendly way, taking care of UX aspects at all time.

We started as a team of developers only, so there were two options of work – count on designs provided by the client, or build based only on specifications. 

As time went by, and apps we are building are getting more complex, it is priceless to have a good designer in the team, who is providing wireframes to the software we are creating.

It is hard to understand the plan of the app which you have in mind, without visualizing it. The more complex app will be, and more views must be created, the harder it is to get 100% understanding between client and developers.

This is where wireframes and prototyping come to play. 

Sometimes some simple sketches done in the simple online tool will be enough, so developers get an idea of the app.

In other cases, the designer is involved from scratch and startup first want to have everything visualized, before even 1 line of code is written.

We can provide a designer at any stage of the application development. Our specialist will analyze your requirements, the goal of the app and potential clients. Then will prepare wireframes for you.

From the very beginning, we will be taking care of User Experience, so using the app will be as intuitive as possible.

Other services

Btw. we are not only doing design, we are also providing:

  1. We do web applications available through your browser in any place with internet and from any device.
  2. We create hybrid mobile applications in Xamarin and React Native – it is a great fulfilment when we already have backend ready for your app.
  3. We use clouds. Most of the time, we deploy applications to Amazon Web Services where we’ve done multiple configurations and integrations between services, which allowed us to save a lot of money for our clients.