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Mobile applications

We will build a cross-platform mobile application of any kind, working on iOS and Android, across all available devices, from smartphones to tablets.

Mobile apps came as a second service to our company. After starting as a team of web developers, one of our clients needed mobile application as a next step for the web app we have already been creating. This brings a team of awesome Xamarin developers and started great cooperation, which lasts till now. 

Meanwhile, we added React and React Native to our technology stack, and develop multiple processes and patterns, which improve our speed and reliability.

Building a great mobile application is a challenge these days. There are millions of apps in all stores for both iOS and Android. 

There are multiple approaches to build mobile apps. You can build native apps, so totally separated applications for each platform. You can build a hybrid or so-called cross-platform apps, which means (simplifying) you can use 1 code to deploy applications to different stores.

Also, there are progressive web apps, which allow you to create a web application which will behave like a mobile application.

So to sum up, it’s hard to decide which approach is best in your case, and this is our role to clarify this.

As in any service we are providing, we are consultants first, then developers. We want to understand your project and needs. If needed, prepare wireframes to understand the full vision of the application. Then we can discuss the technologies and split the development cycle into stages.

We always suggest creating MVP first and shipping the app to first customers as soon as possible. This allows you to validate your idea and set next priorities, based on real user opinions.

It looks like this approach is working, and our clients appreciate it:

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Mobile app in almost every case is built of backend and User Interface code. For us, the backend is almost always Java – here you can read more.

For building UI in mobile, we prefer 2 technologies:

  • Xamarin – a cross-platform technology from Microsoft
  • React Native – a Javascript framework allows building mobile apps

Both are hybrid technologies and let us reuse code written for 1 platform when building a solution for another, which speed up the process.

Also in a lot of cases, along with the mobile app, we provide admin panel as a web application available through the browser.

Other Services:

By the way, mobile applications are not the only services we are providing.

  1. We do web applications available through your browser in any place with internet and from any device. 
  2. We do designs. Our designers can help you convert your idea into mockups before 1 line of code will be written, or when MVP is finished and you start to get traction.
  3. We use clouds. Most of the time, we deploy applications to Amazon Web Services where we’ve done multiple configurations and integrations between services, which allowed us to save a lot of money for our clients.