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How to get involved in TH-EY referral program

You don’t know what this program is about?

What is TH-EY referral program

How to get involved:

For a brief introduction to our company, use our company website, or send a quick 1-page presentation:

  1. Read through this page, we describe in details what we do and who are we looking for.
  2. Let us know about the potential client, describe the need briefly.
  3. Send us this info and let’s e-sign a short contract if we can help.
  4. Get us in touch with the potential client.
  5. In case the contract with potential client is signed, wait for the commission.


Where to find us:

Quick portfolio:


Our reviews:

Short description of our services:

Software consulting

  • Analysing code and advising the best software solution for your challenge
  • Providing guidance for technology selection and implementation
  • Maximizing technology investments through strategic software consulting

Custom software development

  • Web and mobile applications development
  • Proofs of concepts / Research and Development
  • From concept to deployment: full-cycle custom software development
  • Taking over existing applications from the current development teams


  • Initial applications mock-ups creation
  • Full responsive applications design
  • Taking over and extending the existing designs
  • UX consulting and expertise

Example features that we’ve built, mastered or already componentized

  • Log in / Sign up flows with any OAuth flow provider e.g. Google, Facebook, LinkedIn
  • Payments: any kind of one time and subscription plans with Stripe and PayPal
  • Admin panels of any kind / Back-office for any application
  • Role based security
  • Permission based security – attaching very granular permissions to any component or action in the project to keep the full control
  • Notifications of any kind: email, SMS, in-app, push
  • Image processing: files management, thumbnails generation, custom flows including external AI tools, internal tools for pictures edits, batch image processing, streamed file upload for large files
  • PDF processing: reading, creating and encoding
  • Multi-language applications
  • Referral / affiliate codes and links management
  • Custom internal messaging or comments systems
  • Any kind of dashboards, charts, statistics, tables, reports etc.
  • Applications, based on document databases, for processing, indexing and searching through the big data
  • Application data flow, based on CSV, XLSX, PDF, JSON, custom clients text files, generated from external sources
  • Excel / Spreadsheet based files processing: reading, processing, generating

Integrations that we’ve built

  • External APIs integrations of any kind: based on REST, SOAP, or even FTP
  • Maps integrations: Google, OpenStreetMap, Leaflet and many features around them
  • Google and Microsoft calendar two-way integration, along with the internal calendar systems
  • Support systems integrations like a custom chat connected with Facebook or a dedicated platform like Intercom or Zendesk
  • Social media integrations: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. (also before they started to cut API access)
  • Embeddable widgets, external components, apps, added to the main application
  • Multiple analytics integrations: Google, Cumul, Metabase, Intercom
  • Human Resources platforms integrations: HiBob, Bamboo,

Ecommerce components built:

  • Ecommerce main features: products, shopping basked (in browser or in backend), inventory, orders, stock management
  • Payments done with Stripe or PayPal
  • Multiple vendor marketplace payments, based on Stripe Connect platform
  • Physical payment devices
  • Anonymous checkout

Let’s get in touch!

P.S. If you reach here – thank you so much for the reading, really appreciate this. We are still improving and learning, if you have any feedback about this page, please let us know on or in any other contact point that you prefer
Filip Kubala