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Web applications

We can create any application, tool or social app, that your clients will be using with pleasure on their laptops, smartphones and tablets, through a web browser in any place on the World.

Web development is the core of our company. We’ve been gathering our programming experience in both small and very big companies, providing solutions for finances, telecommunications, gambling, sports and many more industries.

At some point, we started freelancing and building first web applications for startups in London. Since then we created a lot of processes, frameworks and best practices, that we are improving every single day to provide the best possible products for our clients.

Many startups suffer from the question, where to start building their application. If it should be a mobile application, web app, or maybe both at the same time. When they decide, comes other concerns, like who should we hire, which technology to use or if they need a CTO.

There are many ways to build a successful web application and also many approaches to get. For sure it is good to prepare wireframes, use cases and business requirements, to discuss with a software development company.

When you are sure, that your vision was understood, ask for estimation. If needed, prepare the MVP first, so which functionalities will be crucial for your app and you should implement in the first stage. This will allow you to show the application to your potential customers as soon as possible and validate your idea. Let me briefly describe how we do it.

We prefer to understand your needs first, get the full picture and split it into stages. If needed, we can provide wireframes – sometimes clients need tools, that should do the work, doesn’t have to look great from scratch. Then we can talk about technology.

Frameworks come and go, programming languages have it’s good and bad sides, but when we know what is the end goal and a long term vision of the project, we can suggest a best possible solution.

We are building web applications from backend to frontend and deploy it on the cloud, so every step of building a product is on us. We have also built multiple integrations with social networks, tools or marketplaces, which were required by our clients.

Our goal is to help you turn the idea into a fully working solution, that will bring you money. And I think our clients appreciate this approach

No matter what your needs are and if you need a web application or something more, contact us, let’s talk about your project.


We are always trying to fit the best technology to the project. We have a set of languages and frameworks that we prefer to use:



Other Services:

By the way, web applications are not the only services we are providing.

  1. We do designs. Our designers can help you convert your idea into mockups before 1 line of code will be written, or when MVP is finished and you start to get traction.
  2. We use clouds. Most of the time, we deploy applications to Amazon Web Services where we’ve done multiple configurations and integrations between services, which allowed us to save a lot of money for our clients.
  3. We create hybrid mobile applications in Xamarin and React Native – it is a great fulfilment when we already have backend ready for your app.

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