How can we help you?

How can we help?

TH-EY can provide custom software development services for your business or startup. We specialize in tailor-made solutions and have experience in building Web and Mobile applications, along with design and cloud computing. How can we help?

How much I'll pay for an app?

We do free estimations for our clients. But building software has a lot of potential risks and variables that we have to address. The more detailed description you provide us, the better estimation we will be able to provide you. If you are interested in a fixed price package, check our Pricing page

Will you work for shares?

We are not working for equity of ideas. In the later stage of our cooperation, when we have numbers and your project bring some money, we can discuss this, along with retainer contract for further application development. But we don't build anything from scratch for free.

How the process looks like?

1. Contact us - you can use form or book a call with one of our founders. Let's discuss your idea and expectations. 2. Send us requirements - the more the better, so we will be able to provide best estimation of your project we can do. 3. Let's do wireframes - up to you if it will be only draft for better comunication or we want to get designer involved, but it is much better to have project visualized. 4. Let's code - when we have all points done, we can start development. You can read in details how TH-EY work with clients on our blog -

Will we sign the NDA?

Off course, if you need to, we can sign the NDA before the start of any discussion