How can we help you?

How can we help?

TH-EY can provide custom software development services for your business or startup. We specialize in tailor-made solutions and have experience in building Web and Mobile applications, along with design and cloud computing. How can we help?

How much I'll pay for an app?

We do free estimations for our clients. But building software has a lot of potential risks and variables that we have to address. The more detailed description you provide us, the better estimation we will be able to provide you. If you are interested in a fixed price package, check our Pricing page

Will you work for shares?

We are not working for equity of ideas. In the later stage of our cooperation, when we have numbers and your project bring some money, we can discuss this, along with retainer contract for further application development. But we don't build anything from scratch for free.

How the process looks like?

1. Contact us - you can use form or book a call with one of our founders. Let's discuss your idea and expectations. 2. Send us requirements - the more the better, so we will be able to provide best estimation of your project we can do. 3. Let's do wireframes - up to you if it will be only draft for better comunication or we want to get designer involved, but it is much better to have project visualized. 4. Let's code - when we have all points done, we can start development. You can read in details how TH-EY work with clients on our blog - https://th-ey.com/how-th-ey-works-with-clients/

Will we sign the NDA?

Off course, if you need to, we can sign the NDA before the start of any discussion. We can use yours or our template.

Who owns the IP and the rights to the code?

We work on time & material basis and send you invoices regularly, depending on a specific arrangement it may be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. At the moment when you pay for an invoice all IP and rights to the code that was created during the period for which the invoice is are transferred to you.

Do you provide support and maintenance after the project is done?

Yes, we offer two types of packages depending on your needs: - as a part of ongoing development, if you decide to further extend your project, we will make sure that everything is up to date and fix bugs as a part of our daily work during business hours. Out of hours support depends on your specific needs and SLA's. - support & maintenance only - we will establish SLA's and agree on a specific number of hours per month that we will spend for keeping the application up to date and fixing bugs.

Where my project will be hosted?

We work with all major cloud computing providers - AWS, Google and Microsoft. During the initial development phase, we will host the project on our account. When you decide to go live we will help you to setup your own cloud and other accounts (Apple App Store, Google Play, Firebase, Google Maps etc) needed for the workings of the application. This way you are always in full control of your application.

Can you work in a fixed price or milestone based model?

We tried that in the past, however the end result was bad both for us as well as our customers. There are several reasons for it: - custom software development is hard to accurately estimate even for experienced developers - it is not possible to foresee all edge cases for a particular feature until you actually start using it - customers frequently want to do both small and big changes during the development compared to the initial design, hence invalidating the initial assumptions about a project - there are various external variables that are out of our control, for example quirks in a particular 3rd party API which of course increase the development time The way we deal with it: - we provide you with daily updates about the progress - we release new versions of your application on a regular basis (every day or every few days) - we send you an invoice every week so you can control your cash burn and be able to relate between what you paid for and what was delivered - you have a dedicated Slack channel where you can talk directly with our developers

How quickly you can start working on my project?

It depends on our current workload, but usually week or two after we sign a contract.

Will you setup Google Analytics for me?

Yes, we will be happy to do the basic setup for you. We can also implement some more advanced features like registering events specific for your application, for example e-commerce ones.

Are your applications GDPR compliant?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is that GDPR is a complex topic which is very project specific. Depending on your particular idea we will make sure that the GDPR compliance is met. We can also help you with T&C's and privacy policy via our legal partner company.

I have an idea for an app, can you help me refine it?

We will be happy to! Since our founding we have done over 50 software projects, many of them were for startups like yours. What we can do for you: - determine buyer personas so you know who your target audience is and what problems / challenges should ideally your startup address - review your idea and find an USP (Unique Selling Point) in conjunction with the buyer personas - define specific build items based on your idea - create wireframes, branding and final design - implement the software based on the designs

I am a small / medium business owner and I would like to automate some internal processes in my company or develop a digital product based on the current manual or semi-digital process. Can you help?

Yes we can! We will organise a series of workshops where we will understand your needs and prepare a design for a software solution that will fit your needs.